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When Does ’60 Days In’ Season 7 Come Back on A&E? Latest Status

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60 Days In Season 7 Release Date on A&E; Was "60 Days In" Series 7 Cancelled or Renewed? When does it start on ? We have the latest updates about 60 Days In, cast, characters and trailers on this page.

Is "60 Days In" returning for Season 7? Will it start any time soon? What are the latest news about 60 Days In on A&E? Find all your answers below!

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What Is 60 Days In About?

The television series follows seven individuals as they volunteer to go undercover, spending 60 days as inmates in the Clark County Jail (also known as the Michael L. Becher Adult Correctional Complex), in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Their goal is to obtain evidence of questionable or illegal activities within the jail that might be missed by the correctional officers and surveillance systems.

The existence of the undercover program is kept secret from the inmates, the guards, and most of the jail officials. Prior to entering the jail, the volunteers receive instruction on how to act around other inmates, and they are each given a pseudonym and a cover story, including details of the (fake) criminal charges on which they were arrested. Although it was repeatedly mentioned that Maryum Ali was given an alias to use because of her famous father (boxer Muhammad Ali), it was later revealed that volunteer Robert was also using an alias while imprisoned, and that he would blow his cover if he visited an emergency room and gave his real name.

Because producers realized that it would be difficult for volunteers to remain undercover after the first season aired, a second season was produced before the series premiered. Representatives from A&E told Business Insider that multiple corrections officers were fired due to the program. According to the producers, valid legal releases to appear on television were obtained from inmates, but they were not told the actual reason that the releases were needed.

The importance of tater tots were revealed throughout the series. Inmates were frequently served tater tots on their meal trays. The potato-based food was occasionally used as currency, and was allegedly the cause of one of the fights on the show between two of the real inmates. The Clark County Sheriff's Office held a community fundraiser where they sold T-shirts and tater tots based on the show.

Season 2 began airing on Thursday August 18, 2016, with 60 Days In: Meet the Participants premiering on August 11. Season 2 episodes began airing on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 on Foxtel's crime + investigation network in Australia.

60 Days In TV series aired on A&E network in the US.

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60 Days In Season 7 Release Date

A&E 60 Days In Air Date: As of November 05, 2020, we still don't know if "60 Days In" will be Cancelled or Renewed. This page will be updated once we have more information about its renewal status.

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