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Breegan Jane to Host New Discovery+ Series “The House My Wedding Bought”

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Designer and real estate expert Breegan Jane (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) will help engaged couples tackle two of life’s biggest decisions in the new discovery+ series The House My Wedding Bought. Available to stream starting Wednesday, June 16, the series follows Breegan as she helps couples on a budget who want to pay for a dream wedding and put a down payment on a house. During the series, Breegan and her clients tour wedding venues and potential homes at different price points to help determine the smartest way to divvy up the budget and get the best of both worlds.

“Getting married and buying a house at the same time is a lot to take on,” said Breegan. “They have one budget to pay for two of life’s biggest events. I help them figure out needs versus wants so they can make smart, affordable investments.”

“The House My Wedding Bought answers the age-old question that many couples face as they begin to build their new life together,” said Jane Latman, president, HGTV. “How much should we spend on a wedding if we want to buy a house? Breegan’s approach reminds us that it’s about compromise, not deprivation. You can have a beautiful wedding and buy a new home when you prioritize the things that matter to you.”

In each episode, Breegan speaks to the affianced to find out how much money each wants to spend. One wants to splash out big bucks on the wedding for a large venue or an elaborate dinner, while the other wants to invest in an ideal home that checks every box on their wish list. Breegan shows the couples ways they can save money, from scaling back on the guest list and type of venue to downsizing plans for a spa bathroom and spacious backyard, so everyone gets the wedding and first home of their dreams.

“As young people approach major life milestones like marriage and home ownership in new ways, a fun series like The House My Wedding Bought perfectly captures how Millennials are redefining the American dream,” said Lisa Holme, SVP of Content and Commercial Strategy for Discovery, Inc. “The series shows couples exactly how far their dollars can go at such a pivotal point in their lives and it’s perfect for our younger streaming audience on discovery+.