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discovery+ and ID Highlights – Weeks of July 5 and July 12

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discovery+, the newly launched global streaming service, brings together all of Discovery’s brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains an unprecedented 5,500 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.




New Episodes Begin Streaming on Mondays

When 21-year-old Christina Whittaker disappeared in the small town of Hannibal, MO, a frantic search immediately ensued. Eight months later, filmmaker Christina Fontana met Whittaker’s mother when filming a documentary about the families of missing persons. Little did Fontana know, this one case would lead her down a dark path full of conspiracies, betrayals, suicide and murder. Using more than 400 hours of footage from field investigations and video diaries filmed over 11 years, this documentary follows not only a complex search for a missing person, but the journey of a filmmaker who becomes dangerously ensnared by the story she’s documenting.

· People Die Around Here Begins Streaming on Monday, July 5 Fontana shifts her focus to a new lead: the head of an organized crime group who may hold the key to Christina Whittaker’s whereabouts. When a rogue search turns up possible evidence, Fontana isn’t sure who she can trust – especially when shocking allegations about local law enforcement come to light.

· The Devil and The Angel Begins Streaming on Monday, July 12 Fontana looks for answers after police do not pursue leads she has shared with them. Meanwhile, Fontana discovers dark truths about Christina Whittaker’s past as she digs deeper into the family. Then, a devastating event blindsides everyone.



Season Seven Begins Streaming on Friday, July 9

Do you really know who lives next door? FEAR THY NEIGHBOR tells the chilling tales of those with the misfortune to unwittingly take up residence within a stone’s throw of a psycho – or even a killer.


Season Five Begins Streaming on Wednesday, July 14

Just because a case is closed doesn’t mean the truth has been revealed. Suicide or murder? Runaway or kidnapping? Accidental or premeditated? STILL A MYSTERY re-examines cases where unanswered questions remain. Through original interviews with law enforcement, family members, and private investigators, while utilizing news footage and social media, STILL A MYSTERY dissects the evidence and presents new theories in a quest to uncover the truth.


Season Four Begins Streaming on Thursday, July 15

Homicide investigations unfold through dramatic real footage in this groundbreaking series. Each episode of THE MURDER TAPES provides an up-close perspective of the case, incorporating body cam footage from the initial crime scene, surveillance video, and interrogation room recordings.



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ on Thursdays and Premiere on ID Thursdays at 9/8c

Beloved former F.B.I. criminal profiler Candice DeLong explores some of history’s most fascinating female killers in DEADLY WOMEN, touring the twisted minds of women who kill. Femme fatales, twisted sisters, desperate damsels: there’s no shortage of these DEADLY WOMEN.

· To Have And To Harm Begins Streaming on Thursday, July 8; Premieres on ID Thursday, July 15 at 9/8c Roslyn Pilmar lived in New York’s Upper East Side with her millionaire entrepreneur husband Howard and their son. But when Roslyn was caught embezzling money from her former employer, she enlisted her younger brother in a plot to kill Howard and take over the family business. Then, nurse’s aide Marie Poling seemed destined to live the family life, happily married with three children. But, after an affair with a young colleague, Marie fantasized about killing her husband in the “perfect murder.” Finally, 15-year-old Susan was a brilliant, but troubled student who was sent to respected psychologist Dr. Felix Polk. They soon began an affair, and married when Susan was 24 and went on to raise three sons. But after the marriage fell apart, Felix was awarded the house and custody of their youngest son in the settlement, Susan snapped.

· Lethal Lies Begins Streaming on Thursday, July 15; Premieres on ID Thursday, July 22 at 9/8c Annette fell in love with Corey Wieneke, but she wasn’t the only woman in Corey’s life, and he made no secret about it. The morning after a jealous fight, Annette crept into Corey’s house and killed him. Then, the day after Margaret Vandergulik married Patrick Plumbe, Patrick made Margaret the sole beneficiary to his million-dollar estate. The following night, Patrick’s body was found. Almost a year after Patrick’s death, a witness came forward and told police Margaret was involved. Finally, Nicole Abusharif lived a life of lies, including fraudulent compensation claims and tall tales about her past. Nicole was also cheating on her partner, Becky Klein. If Becky died, Nicole would get her share of their house and her life insurance benefits. It was only a matter of time before police found Becky’s body and Nicole’s life of lies was revealed.



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere on ID Sundays at 9/8c

EVIL LIVES HERE explores the true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who would become a killer. With exclusive interviews and never-before-told accounts of the years and critical moments leading up to these vicious acts, the series showcases the devastating and often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved and raised a murderer.

· My Son Should Die in Prison Begins Streaming on Sunday, July 11; Premieres on ID at 9/8c Dylan Eason was sentenced to life without parole for the crime he committed in 2016, but to his father, Jon, that isn’t punishment enough. Infamous in Colorado as the father who wanted the death penalty for his own son, Jon is wracked with guilt over the missteps that paved the way for the tragedy he endures daily. But while he freely admits that any father wishing for his own son’s death is a horrible thing, he refuses to contemplate forgiveness – as far as he is concerned, the punishment should fit the crime, and his son deserves to die for what he has done.

· He Got Into My Soul Begins Streaming on Sunday, July 18; Premieres on ID at 9/8c When Christian Fuhr is sentenced to life in prison, Ammie Turos is willing to wait for him, completely convinced the man she loves could not possibly have also been a killer. She remains faithful to him for years, determined to somehow prove his innocence and that he has been wrongly convicted. Then she discovers that the accusations against him are all true, and her conviction is replaced by uncertainty whether her life had also been in danger all along, or if she had just been one woman in Christian’s life whom he had not wanted to kill.


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