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Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2021 Swims Off with Jawsome

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SHARK WEEK, television’s longest-running, and most anticipated summer event returns for its 33rd year with bigger sharks and record-breaking breaches on Sunday, July 11 and continues through Sunday, July 18. With 45 hours of shark programming, the most hours of programming in SHARK WEEK history, SHARK WEEK 2021 will take viewers to new locations to study and record new shark behaviors that have never been seen on camera before. Leading up to SHARK WEEK, Discovery and discovery+ will celebrate sharks all month long with a shark movie festival across both platforms including the Sharknado series, Mega Shark vs. Octopus, Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, 2-Head Shark Attack, 3-Headed Shark Attack which will all be available July 1 on discovery+. JAWS will air July 10 at 8PM ET/PT on Discovery. In addition, pre-premieres of SHARK WEEK shows, RETURN TO HEADSTONE HELL, MEGA PREDATORS OF OZ and RETURN TO SHARK VORTEX will be available exclusively July 1 on discovery+.


SHARK WEEK 2021 will feature two documentaries, available exclusively on discovery+. The powerful and timely documentary from Eli Roth, FIN, will premiere Thursday, July 13. In FIN, Roth and a professional group of scientists, researchers and activists sail around the globe to unveil the truth behind the death of millions of sharks, exposing the criminal enterprise that is impacting the extinction of the misunderstood creatures. FIN features work from photographer Michael Muller and the support of organizations such as Oceana, Sea Shepherd, and WildAid. Oscar(R) winner Leonardo DiCaprio executive produces the film along with actor, producer and shark activist Nina Dobrev and President of Lionsgate Nonfiction Television and Pilgrim CEO and Chair Craig Piligian. ENVOY: SHARK CULL, premiering July 1, narrated by Eric Bana follows the biggest names in ocean conservation as they reveal the importance of sharks in our oceans while uncovering the longest marine cull in history.

In addition, the first ever shark series, SHARK ACADEMY will premiere Sunday, July 11 on discovery+ and shark-themed episodes of JOSH GATES TONIGHT will return Sunday, July 11 to highlight and explore some of the most exciting, shocking, and fintastic moments from SHARK WEEK 2021.

Discovery Channel continues to be the preeminent destination for shark programming and works with nearly two dozen of the world’s most respected marine biologists and science institutions. SHARK WEEK 2021 will once again deliver incredible brand-new, innovative shark research and compelling insight on some of the most remarkable shark species in the world including the first in utero tag in a pregnant Tiger shark, a potentially new Great White mating behavior and the discovery of an elusive pupping ground. Recording shark behaviors that have never been seen on camera before, SHARK WEEK 2021 will take viewers to new locations to study new shark behaviors including Bull shark hunting patterns and new heights – capturing the highest breach ever recorded as Discovery celebrates these brilliant creatures.

Check out SHARK WEEK 2021’s fincredible programming schedule below (all shows airing on Discovery will also be available on discovery+)


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