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For All Mankind Apple TV+ Season 2 Release Date; When Does It Start?

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For All Mankind Season 2 Release Date on Apple TV+; Was "For All Mankind" Series 2 Cancelled or Renewed? When does it start on ? We have the latest updates about For All Mankind, cast, characters and trailers on this page.

Is "For All Mankind" returning for Season 2? Will it start any time soon? What are the latest news about For All Mankind on Apple TV+? Find all your answers below!

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What Is For All Mankind About?

In an alternative version of 1969, the Soviet Union beats the United States to the Moon, and the space race continues on for decades with still grander challenges and goals. For All Mankind explores what would have happened if the global space race had never ended. The series presents an aspirational world where NASA astronauts, engineers and their families find themselves in the center of extraordinary events seen through the prism of an alternate history timeline — a world in which the USSR beats the US to the moon.

For All Mankind stars Joel Kinnaman, Michael Dorman, Sarah Jones, Shantel VanSanten, Wrenn Schmidt, Jodi Balfour, Krys Marshall and Sonya Walger. They are joined in Season 2 by new cast additions Cynthy Wu as ‘Kelly,’ an astronaut’s daughter; Coral Peña as adult ‘Aleida Rosales,’ whom we met in Season 1; and Casey W. Johnson as ‘Danny Stevens,’ the son of astronauts Gordo (Dorman) and Tracy (Jones).

For All Mankind Season 2 is getting ready to launch. Apple TV+ announced Thursday that the alternate universe space drama will premiere Friday, February 19, 2021, while also revealing some new cast members key to the show's new placement in time.

Landing on the moon didn’t end the space race. It raised the stakes. Catch up on Season 1 now before the premiere on February 19.

Season 2 First Look Featurette:

For All Mankind TV series aired on Apple TV+ network in the US. Last episode of For All Mankind aired on Apple TV+ on December 20, 2019.

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For All Mankind Season 2 Release Date

For All Mankind Season 2 Release Date: For All Mankind aired on Apple TV+ on February 19, 2021. Did you miss it? Keep an eye on our "What's New" page to see all fresh series!

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