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Inspector Gadget Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, When Does It Start?

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Inspector Gadget Season 3 Release Date on Netflix; Was "Inspector Gadget" Series 3 Cancelled or Renewed? When does it start on ? We have the latest updates about Inspector Gadget, cast, characters and trailers on this page.

Is "Inspector Gadget" returning for Season 3? Will it start any time soon? What are the latest news about Inspector Gadget on Netflix? Find all your answers below!

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What Is Inspector Gadget About?

Inspector Gadget is the world's first bionic police detective. Our bumbling crime fighter is equipped with an incredible, countless array of gadgets to help him in his never-ending battles against crime and corruption. Never mind that he usually ends up accidentally using those gadgets against himself and his allies!

Fully aware of his potential for inadvertent destruction, criminals, thieves and bandits fear for their lives whenever Inspector Gadget appears on the scene. Even his nemesis, the evil and malicious Dr. Claw, gets a little nervous. Not to mention Chief Quimby, Gadget's boss!

Inspector Gadget's destiny is marked by the letter "G" -- gadgets, gags, gaffes and goofs! But, thanks to the secret help of his super intelligent young niece Penny and faithful, long-suffering dog Brain, Inspector Gadget always manages to vanquish his enemies and emerge victorious in the end. Go, Gadget, go!

Inspector Gadget TV series aired on Netflix network in the US.

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Inspector Gadget Season 3 Release Date

Netflix Inspector Gadget Air Date: As of July 26, 2020, we still don't know if "Inspector Gadget" will be Cancelled or Renewed. This page will be updated once we have more information about its renewal status.

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