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When Does Saved by the Bell Start on Peacock TV; Premiere Date and News

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Saved by the Bell Premiere Date on ; When will it air? What is Saved by the Bell about? We have compiled all the latest updates about Saved by the Bell, cast, characters and trailers on this page.

Will "Saved by the Bell" start any time soon? What are the latest news about it? Find all your answers below!

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What Is Saved by the Bell 2020 About?

School bells are ringing again at Bayside High. NBC streaming network Peacock released the first full trailer for its nostalgia-dripping “Saved by the Bell” revival, which will focus on the now grown-up kids — and their offspring — from the 1989-1993 original series.

A still-ripped-at-47 Mario Lopez returns as A.C. Slater, who is now, appropriately, a gym teacher. And, in true form, he greets annoyed former classmate Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, 48) with a barely updated, “Yo, mama. Sorry — Dr. Mama.” Some things never change, it seems.

Returning original series characters also include Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen, 46) and bushy-haired Max (Ed Alonzo, 52). New faces include Zack’s spitting-image son Mac (Mitchell Hoog, 21), Jessie’s son Jamie (Belmont Cameli) and John Michael Higgins, 57, as Mr. Toddman, the Bayside Tigers’ new principal.

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Saved by the Bell Reboot premiered on Nov 25, 2020 on Peacock.

Saved by the Bell TV series aired on Peacock network in the US.

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Saved by the Bell Series Premiere Date

"Saved by the Bell" Release Date: Saved by the Bell aired on Peacock on November 25, 2020. Did you miss it? Keep an eye on our What's New? page to see all fresh series!

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