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Talking Evil Series Premiere on Discovery+, When Does It Start?

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Talking Evil Premiere Date on ; When will it air? What is Talking Evil about? We have compiled all the latest updates about Talking Evil, cast, characters and trailers on this page.

Will "Talking Evil" start any time soon? What are the latest news about it? Find all your answers below!

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What Is Talking Evil About?

TALKING EVIL is the first-ever Evil Lives Here after-show hosted by Alexis Linkletter (Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer). Linkletter interviews family members featured on the most recent episode of Evil Lives Here, and experts to share their opinions to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of murder and collateral damage of the crime. TALKING EVIL gives fans the opportunity to dive even deeper into a series that has become a true crime cornerstone.

· I Didn't Mean To Begins Streaming on Sunday, March 7 When serial killer Wayne Adam Ford confessed to his crimes, he was dubbed the "serial killer with a conscience." But is such a thing even possible? With previously unheard recordings of the killer, Alexis investigates the depths of his evil.

· Haunted By Nightmares Begins Streaming on Sunday, March 14 When Eric Nance murders an 18-year-old girl, investigators discover he was let out of prison early. Could anyone have prevented this murder? Alexis speaks exclusively with a woman who barely escaped Eric Nance with her life.

Talking Evil TV series aired on Discovery+ network in the US.

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Talking Evil Series Premiere Date

"Talking Evil" Release Date: Talking Evil aired on Discovery+ on March 7, 2021. Did you miss it? Keep an eye on our What's New? page to see all fresh series!

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