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TBS Announces Sarah Silverman, Nicole Byer, & Sam Richardson Voice Cast in “Kill the Orange-Faced Bear”

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TBS announced today that it has voice cast Sarah Silverman (“I Love You America,” “The Sarah Silverman Podcast”), Nicole Byer (“Wipeout,” “Grand Crew”) and Sam Richardson (“VEEP,” “Tomorrow War”) in its upcoming scripted comedy pilot “Kill The Orange-Faced Bear.” They join the previously announced live-action cast Damon Wayans Jr. (“Happy Endings,” “Let’s Be Cops”), Jessy Hodges (“Indebted,” “Barry”), Alex Karpovsky (“Homecoming,” “Girls”), and Nate Torrence (“Hello Ladies,” “Weird Loners”). The pilot is scheduled to begin shooting in Portland in May.

“Kill the Orange-Faced Bear” is a comedy pilot about one man’s epic revenge journey after a bear eats his girlfriend.

Silverman voices Brenda, the sarcastic badass grizzly bear who attacked and ate Hank’s fiancée Stacy – for personal reasons. When Stacy’s friends panicked and mistook a can of spray paint for bear mace, they turned Brenda’s face orange – but she won’t let being marked make her an easy target for Hank’s revenge plan.

Byer voices Pauline, a bear with perfect fur and perfect nails who uses her feminine wiles to seduce Brenda’s husband.

Richardson voices Steve, the charmingly idiotic grizzly bear with a dangerous habit of breaking into cars to steal snacks and beer.

Previously announced live action cast include Damon Wayans Jr. as Hank, the charming, funny and grieving man who’s hell-bent on tracking down Brenda the bear. Jessy Hodges has been cast as Stacy, Hank’s late girlfriend, as well as Jamie, her twin sister with a confusing secret. Alex Karpovsky plays Ronnie, an oddball park ranger who has a score to settle with Hank. Nate Torrance is Murray, Hank’s best friend and boyfriend to Jamie, who is just trying to keep everyone together.

The series is written, created and executive produced by Romanski (“Blue Mountain State”). Trevor Engelson and Steven Fisher of Underground (“Snowfall”), Alex Karpovsky, Jake Szymanski, and Damon Wayans Jr. also serve as executive producers. Jake Szymanski is set to direct. Sarah Silverman is represented by UTA, Thruline and Kovert Creative. Nicole Byer is represented by WME, Artists First and Kovert Creative. Sam Richardson is represented by UTA, Artists First and ID PR.