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“The House of Flowers: The Movie” Arrives on Netflix This Summer

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The House of Flowers is returning for one more adventure.

“The House of Flowers: The Movie” starts streaming this summer on Netflix.

See official announcement by Netflix on twitter below:

What is House of Flowers About?

The unexpected death of their mother, Virginia, deeply shakes the De la Mora family. Now living in Madrid with Maria José and their son Bruno, Paulina returns to Mexico due to a problem with her mother’s will; when she returns home, she finds that everything is worse than she expected. Her father, Ernesto, joined a false sect, and her sister Elena fell into an identity crisis created by their recent relationship. Julián’s new and bizarre job will only cause trouble for him. gets.With a vivid message of revenge against Diego, who stole the family’s money and ran away, Paulina takes a raid to save his family and restore “La Casa de Flores”.But while trying to do this, Maria José is unaware that he is endangering the home he is trying to rebuild next to him.