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The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student – Trailer – Netflix Brasil

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If it’s hard for us to face any chill in Brazil, can you imagine how those two will deal with the snow in the USA? From the official trailer of Diários de Intercâmbio, a new Brazilian movie on Netflix, you can already see how much the actresses Larissa Manoela e Thati Lopes had fun shooting the funny adventures of their characters Bárbara and Thaila. The comedy premieres on August 18th, in the whole world.

The movie tells the story of the two best friends who decide to go on an exchange program hoping it will solve all their problems. What they didn’t expect is that in the freezing mountains of upstate New York, they would find themselves in hilarious situations and discover that there is more in their dreams than they can imagine.

With production by Ananã Produções, the movie is directed by Bruno Garotti, written by Sylvio Gonçalves and has Emanuelle Araújo and Bruno Montaleone in the cast.


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