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Did TLC Renew While You Were Out Season 6: Cancelled or Renewed?

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While You Were Out Season 6 Release Date on TLC; Was "While You Were Out" season 6 get cancelled or renewed? When does it start on TLC? Find all the latest updates about the series status, cast and trailers on this page.

Is "While You Were Out" returning for a new season in 2021? Will it start any time soon? Find all your answers below!

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What Is While You Were Out About?

While You Were Out was an American reality series that aired episodes on the cable channel TLC. The format of the show is similar to TLC's Trading Spaces (which, in turn, is based on the BBC TV series Changing Rooms). While You Were Out adds a suspenseful gimmick by keeping the entire redecoration a secret from the homeowner.

The series began with the following premise: An individual sets up a friend or family member with a surprise room redecoration. A typical example of an episode would be a wife who wants to surprise her husband by having the living room redone. The person being set up is sent out of the house for two days on a phony premise, such as a vacation.

While the person is out, the friend or family member with the help of a designer redecorates one room in the house, though gardens have also been made over. The initial budget for the makeover was U.S. $1000, later raised to $1500, and then $2000.

The designers must work with the homeowner to come up with a design, shop for supplies and redecorate the selected area within a 32-hour time frame, though during the beginning of the show's run, the designers designed a room, and it was a surprise to the helping homeowner/friend when the host and designer showed up on the first day. While the redecoration is in progress, a "secret shooter" trails the person who has been sent out of the house and tapes an interview with the unsuspecting person. The footage is then used for the purpose of quizzing the spouse, friend or relative at home. If the person who sets up the individual answers the questions correctly, they will win a prize that further enhances the room's décor.

'While You Were Out' previously aired on TLC network in the US. Last episode of the series aired on April 6, 2019.

While You Were Out Season 6 Release Date

TLC While You Were Out Air Date: As of October 08, 2021, show was not cancelled or renewed for a new season. This page will be updated once we have more information about 2021 release date.

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